12 days of language learning

12 days of language learning

So, dear students, language fans and self-learners. It's that time of the year again. Time of festivities and friendly gatherings, family reunions, parties, wishes, Father Christmas, Ded Moroz or KFC (depending where in the world you are).

You know what this is not the time for? It is not the time to lose track of your language learning goals. Below is a 12-day plan to get back up to speed with langauge learning after this year's Christmas food coma:

Start the festive season with a solid study plan

It is easy to fall into the spirit of idleness during the festive period. Of course, we all deserve to relax after so many months of hard work and weeks of hunting for presents. But remember that you also worked hard on understanding grammar and memorising vocabulary, and that's a progress you wouldn't want to lose! Find out how taking just 5-10 minutes to review what you learn every day can make all the difference.

Light up your spirits with inspiring success stories

If you find it hard to find strength to study, read the inspiring stories of how Ming found love and reconnected with his family through the Chinese language, and what one of the original translators of the Dead Sea scrolls taught Kurt, who's now learning Japanese with LinguaLift. Identifying with someone else's passion for language learning will help you rekindle your studying spirits!

Power-up your language learning with science

Follow mystery of Christmas with hard science of language learning. We might not know everything about the inner workings of our brains, but the little that we know can make all the difference.

Help your grandparents stay fit with languages

So you love to learn and you find joy in making progress. Just as you send your grandparents lovely Christmas cards with warm wishes (or, did you forget?) you can also share with them the gift of languages! After all, you can never be too old to learn a language.

Follow LinguaLift for tips, tricks, and learning gifs

Get on top of the newest language research, get motivated and laugh at our Twitter posts. Don't forget that you can also share your language finds and thoughts with us—we'd love to chat with you!

Browse the menu of best language learning resources

So many ways to learn, it's hard to decide what to choose! Check out the expert list of the best language resources on the web and choose your favourite. For starters, we have some inspiring blogs, for main, a full plethora of reading, listening and speaking resources, and for dessert, delicious YouTubers and podcasts.

Supercharge your career with colourful vocabulary

We all know how it is. You want to chat to someone interesting at a party, but... you just lack the words! Courage, you can get by topping up your drink (not that we openly endorse or encourage you to drink excessively!), but words—sorry folks, it's not the matrix yet, we have to learn them on our own. Find out how rich vocabulary can make you more successful in life and business

Kick off the new year with a lasting learning habit

We've all made New Year's resolutions at least a few times, but how many times did we succeed? Learn the guaranteed appraoch to forming new habits in 3 simple steps, for language learning, and more.

Sing your way to fluency, learn languages with music

Holiday fun and entertainment is no reason to stop learning. You might not convince your relatives to watch a film in your target language, but you can certainly sneak in some studying through songs and music.

Take a rest from dancing: Share your study habits

Holidays can be tiring! Family members to visit, parties to attend, compliments to pay and smilies to send... Party hosts are making their best to keep you happy, but sometimes they just don't know how, because they don't know you well enough. At LinguaLift, we would like to know you well, so we can help you learn more efficiently. Take a rest from the parties and share your study habits with us.

Get exclusive access to the language learning guild

Ever wanted to bring your languages to the next level and become as proficient in learning as one of the famous polyglots? If you had a look at the list of resources above, you know who I'm talking about! Serious learners need serious advice, and this is something we are happy to provide, if you join our exclusive (and a bit mysterious?) OLLG. What is it? Check it out.

Get a head start on your New Year's resolutions with LinguaLift

Sometimes the biggest decisions are the simplest. We can be thinking about studying, planning, checking out different sites, browsing through resources, playing on different platforms, but in the end... it won't get done by itself! In the end of the day, it all depends on you taking the first step. Get a head start on your New Year's resolutions: Get 12% off LinguaLift Annual subscription