[Autumn 2016] Interactive word lists, new audio, better language selector, and more

[Autumn 2016] Interactive word lists, new audio, better language selector, and more

It’s been a while since our last update on the state of LinguaLift—here’s all the cool stuff we’ve released this autumn.

Interactive word lists

The textbook now includes inline vocabulary lists which allow you to review words relevant to the lesson through interactive flashcards. This feature is connected to the vocab section of the site, so words you learn in the textbook will be automatically added to your spaced repetition review queue!

Interactive word lists Inline vocab flashcards

Intuitive language selector

You asked for a more intuitive way to manage the languages you’re learning, and we listened! Check out the brand new course selector in the navigation bar.

LinguaLift language selector

Online Language Learners Guild

OLLG logo

Long in the works, we finally launched our new, free email course that will teach you how to learn languages more effectively, and remember what you learn forever. Sign up for a regular roundup of learning techniques used by polyglots, best language learning resources, and more.

Once you complete the free email-course, you will get exclusive access to our invite-only Facebook group where you can get advice from fellow language learners, mingle with industry experts, and share your own experience. You can also look forward to preferred pricing on language learning products, free swag, and more!

More hanzi descriptions

We’ve added over 1000 new hanzi descriptions that will help you remember Chinese characters through etymology and mnemonics.

More pronunciation audio

We finished recording and editing all missing pronunciation audio for Russian LinguaLift, and we expect to receive a new batch of Japanese audio from the studio before Christmas!

New lessons coming soon

We’re hard at work on Level 2 of the Mandarin textbook, Level 2 of the French textbook, and Level 4 of the Russian textbook. Expect to see the new content online in the new year.

There's more

  • The site now loads much faster, and should feel snappier
  • Navigating past the last chapter no longer breaks the textbook
  • Login now redirects you to the page you tried to visit
  • The site no longer logs you out after a few hours
  • Fixed SSL errors on some Android devices

And that’s it. The next few months are packed with more exciting features to help you learn more efficiently and enjoyably! In the meantime, if you have any feedback or features you would like to see, feel free to email us at [email protected], comment below, or send us a note via the in-app messenger.