Hiragana & katakana wallpaper

Hiragana & katakana wallpaper

Many of you have asked us to design a nice kana wallpaper, but other updates always had priority, and this project kept getting pushed back for months... until now!

I hope that you'll enjoy using this wallpaper, which I tried to make both useful and beautiful at the same time (and let's face it... most educational wallpapers fail at one, or the other), to learn hiragana & katakana.

Japanese katakana & hiragana wallpaper

Feel free to send the wallpaper to your fiends and colleagues or even republish it on your blog, but please link back to this blog or Japanese LinguaLift if you can ;)

Download in all kinds of screen resolutions, from 1024x768 all the way to 2560x1600, below: