LinguaLift January Update

LinguaLift January Update

New Year’s resolutions are nonsense ☝️ Every January I watch the influx of gym subscribers, and empty lettuce shelves in the local grocery store. After three weeks things get back to normal, the gym is half-empty and salad-lunches are replaced with chips.

This phenomenon is so common it even got its own holiday. On January 17 we “celebrate” the Ditch New Year’s Resolution Day. You might be tempted to nickname it an international day of failure, but I would argue it’s rather a testimony to lack of planning and temporary zeal.

New Year’s resolutions annoy me 😤 You know why? Because we can, and should, improve ourselves throughout the year. There is nothing magical about January 1st, Mondays, the first day of Lent or the full moon. If you want to improve something, do it now.

And on that note… I wanted to give you all a quick update as to what our team of relentless engineers and courageous developers have accomplished for you. I’ve been watching their conversations in our company communication channel, and man, was it a journey!😲

Below you will find info about:

  • LinguaLift’s new features
  • Using LinguaLift on mobile
  • Product Hunt
  • Fluent Panda
  • LINE Stickers

New Features

Since I know you log in to LinguaLift regularly to study (right?), you might have noticed the new streak counter. I also sent you a message about it which I hope you haven’t ignored 😝

The streak counter does what it says on the tin: that is shows when you have studied to help you do so regularly. Complete at least one new activity or a review, will make the circle for that day fill up. What you’re aiming for is to keep most of them white, and to look like a string of pearls!

We are more social

We launched a service where we’ll be calling you personally on the phone to ask about your health.

No, not that.

Our new log-in screen allows you to log in with Google and Facebook. Each time you access it, it teaches you a new “untranslatable word” from another language. So you aren’t missing any opportunity to learn something new.

To all of our engaged students.

You helped us identify some nasty bugs and locate missing audio. Thanks to you we were able to fix all of them more easily. Cheers to you! 🍾

To all of our speedy learners.

Along with that we are almost done with the second level of the Russian course, and Japanese Level 2 & Russian Level 2 are coming soon 😎 So, if you fear you have to limit your daily dose of LinguaLift out of the fear of running out of materials, worry not!

To all of our tech geeks.

To all of you addicted to new apps and ideas, you are probably regular visitors on Product Hunt (if not, well you should be 😬). Product Hunt lists the best new products from apps, through online tools, to podcasts and books. Among its ‘awesomities’ you can now also find LinguaLift.

So, apart from leaving us great reviews on Google Play you can now also upvote us on Product Hunt. It takes a click (and that’s just 1/20th of a second the internet tells me) and is immensely helpful for us!

👉 Upvote LinguaLift here 👈

Remember that we made our roadmap public, so you can follow the progress on our projects real time.

LinguaLift on mobile

You are busy, countless people have told me that over email, so I know! In case you missed the memo, LinguaLift is perfectly optimised for mobile which means you can use it on the go, in every long queue, on the train, and even in the shower if your phone is waterproof 😜

LL on mobile

Just try to resist learning when you walk. True, LinguaLift is super cool and addictive, but if you walk into a poo 💩 by mistake I take no responsibility.

If you are on Android you can pin it to your home screen and use it like an app. More on that here.

Now what everyone was waiting for....

Fluent Panda

Panda is growing, I have seen the screenshots and whether I’m allowed to or not I’m sharing them with you. This is how much of a rebel I am!

We will launch Fluent Panda with the English course. Did you know that 25% of the world’s population speaks English to varying degrees? 😮 That’s a lot of people. English is a tool that gives people access to new resources and expands their job opportunities.

An increasing number of specialised contexts in which English is used means that even relatively fluent speakers run into situations where they are at a loss of words. Hell, even native speakers have problems with negotiating terms of a legal contract if they haven’t done so before!

Fluent Panda 🐼 tackles the issue of situational fluency. Because what’s the use of you learning to talk about your favourite animal, if when you’re in a zoo you don’t know how to buy a ticket? 🤔

English has become a tool of international communication, one we often revert to when we don’t have any other shared language. Whether you are a new waiter in Portugal who has to help English-speaking tourists, or a Bulgarian renting snorkelling equipment in Dahab, Fluent Panda will help.

Fluent Panda LINE stickers

You don’t have to tell me how adorable panda is, I know! 😆

We had a lot of positive feedback about our panda character, especially about its cuteness! >.< So we thought it’s our duty to share it with more people before the app is ready… we have released a set of downloadable stickers for the popular Japanese messaging app LINE! 🤗

Download stickers here

This way you will be able to carry a panda with you everywhere you go and get familiar with its hundreds of incarnations, like this business party panda or the romantic panda with a rose.

panda stickers

What to do now?

Get excited! 😁 And on the wave of this excitement you should have your say and take part in shaping Fluent Panda. This 3-minute survey will tell you how.

Shape Fluent Panda

Stay tuned for more updates about Fluent Panda us by following it on Twitter and Facebook!