LinguaLift is making its roadmap public

LinguaLift is making its roadmap public

Oranges are a lot like elephants. They both belong to the so called “tropics”, have thick skin, and probably don’t do well as door stops. Ok, you might have found it a bit strange—let’s start again. Product announcements are a lot like birthdays: a chance to look at past accomplishments, establish a road map for the future, and celebrate the input of those who supported us on the way.

And of course have a lot of cake.


First of all we wanted to thank you. LinguaLift is co-created by you, our students.

  • It is you who interact with the tutors and language coaches helping them grow by asking thought-provoking questions.
  • It is you who ceaselessly point out bugs and missing elements to help us become perfect.
  • It is you who compare our site with the countless other resources and give us ideas of features to make our platform better.
  • It’s you who send us messages of thanks and positive feedback to motivate us to work harder.

With so much support from you, it is only fair that we share the thrill of what we have been up to recently, and what we plan for the future. We also have a few ideas we need your feedback on. I know you’re all quite opinionated, so get your keyboards ready to share your thoughts!

Rather than describe everything here in copious amounts of boring writing we thought we’d give you a glimpse into our company road map. And you should be excited because which other company would share everything with you like that!? Apple? Amazon? Probably not even your local grocery store!

Check out the Trello board here to see a visual representation of our path to glory. And read on for a description.

What we’ve accomplished

As you know (because I’m SURE you read all my emails, right?), we were busy developing and perfecting the re-designed version of LinguaLift. Let’s see what we have already figured out. Our wonderful developers made sure you will get:

  • funky looking email study reminders
  • differently structured free trial
  • control over the notifications we send you on mobile and in the browser

What we are sweating on at the moment is to give you:

  • the ability to unlock free, extra lessons by sharing LinguaLift with your friends
  • awesome looking illustrations in all classes
  • expanding and changing the structure of the Japanese and Russian courses

What lies ahead

Now, we are quite a creative and hyperactive bunch (would you guess?), and my favourite part of our Trello board is the “next up” section. It always contains the longest list of items and the ultimate, must-have-immediately features. However, worry not, we take pains in controlling ourselves and focusing on the ideas that you asked us for.

At the moment those next challenges are to give you:

  • a bombastically functional search bar
  • an ability to reset your progress if you want to review the material again
  • a switch between traditional and simplified characters
  • a fully developed French course, and a new Hebrew course (authored by yours truly)

Which one is your favourite, and why is it the Hebrew course? No, I’m just kidding of course. We will be launching the new LinguaLift in a few weeks, and that’s probably something you are probably mostly looking forward to.

Where is the Panda?

If you visited our Trello board, you will also have seen some cards marked with green—tasks related to our project Fluent Panda. If you are not familiar with it yet visit our past Kickstarter campaign page. At the moment we are prioritising creating a functional English literacy course—you can see more details in the “Fluent Panda English card”. Next we’ll move to creating an English course for native speakers of Mongolian 🤗


Feedback alert!

As I mentioned before, there is also a bunch of ideas we have for the future. But the only way for us to prioritise them and not sink into the ever-growing pile of incredible-features-to-add is get your thoughts on them!

Here are a few changes we were thinking of introducing:

  • adding Paypal as a payment method
  • creating a kanji/hanzi handwriting quizzes
  • adding a Korean and German courses
  • … and more!

Feel free to share your comments on the relevant cards on the Trello board!

Well, if you weren’t excited initially, now you definitely should be. These developments are happening right in front of your very eyes, and with access to Trello you can watch how cards get moved between boards.

You can’t deny it matches Netflix in its level of entertainment.