12 Questions every language fan should be able to answer

12 Questions every language fan should be able to answer

I tend to approach parties like secret agent's missions 😎

Avoiding to become the centre of attention straight away, I look around and assess who the guests are trying to figure out who would be the best person to talk to.

The party animals are loud and could be tiring, cliques of people are hard to break into. Then I spot those hiding in the corners, by the windows or behind the plants, doing the same as me—surveying the room.

Chances are they are also shy people with quirky interests trying to act casual.

People with open minds will definitely be eager to talk about my passion for languages, right? Well, I always try to direct the topic of the conversation into the realm of languages and linguistics anyway. Even if my interlocutors aren't ultimately so thrilled, we only figure it out after I have managed to unload on them ten minutes of fun language trivia.

I'm sure you are already looking forward to meeting me in a party environment 😂

Anyway! If you are like me, and want to quickly assess if the newly met party goer is also into languages, you can just give them the quiz below. Although it might be a bit awkward to employ such means of social pre-selection...

Alternatively, you can take the quiz yourself. If there are any answers you didn't know, you can learn them as fun trivia facts to surprise and impress at parties.

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