Share the love of learning with LinguaLift & earn money

Share the love of learning with LinguaLift & earn money

Here is (some of) what we have heard over the last month:

“The learning system is FANTASTIC. Other Japanese language programs don't compare to LinguaLift.” — Nate

“It’s my pleasure to give your website a solid 10/10, you deserve it!” — Algridas

“LinguaLift makes studying a new language easier because it provides all the information and help that a beginning learner needs - all of it on one site.” — Jaina

“It’s been a blast learning at LinguaLift.” — Maxie

The quotes above come from you, the vibrant community of LinguaLift students. It’s always a blast for the LinguaLift team to read your words. It makes us work even harder to improve LinguaLift - one of the top online resources for self-learners of Japanese, Russian, French and Mandarin.

Since many of you are so enthusiastic about LinguaLift, we thought we’d offer you an opportunity to officially become our supporter, share the love of language learning and actually make some money in the process. Sounds great, right?

Pocket money with little effort

You may think "oh, but I have school, work, children, pets* to take care of and I spend time learning on LinguaLift—how can I find time to do extra work?"

The thing is making money online doesn't have to involve work. At least not more than you're already doing! When you talk to your friends, parents or co-workers about learning languages and mention LinguaLift (or any other product, for that matter) what you are actually doing is... marketing. Feel free to add it to your CV skills ;-)

With our affiliate program you can turn these casual chats and conversations into money.

Who is the affiliate program for?

So, we have established, you are already a marketer (even if it is only a newly discovered skill for you) - what is the next step?

To become a LinguaLift affiliate, you simply have to be active on the internet. The fact that you’re reading this, probably means you already are (at least to some extent ;-)).

So, whether you have a blog, a site, a Youtube channel, a Tumblr, an active Twitter feed or a lot of followers on Facebook - you are a perfect candidate! All these social media outlets are good places to spread the word about LinguaLift.

Why would I want to become an affiliate?

I would rather ask — why wouldn't you?

You will earn money.

As an affiliate, you’ll be paid $14 for every LinguaLift subscriber referred through your unique affiliate link. Even referring one person would make for some good pocket money (hm, how many Pocky sticks can you buy for that?).

There is no effort.

We make the process easy for you — providing an email course with step-by-step guidelines as well as tools you may need (like like banners or text links). Plus, of course, if you have any questions you can always email your favourite community manager, Marta.

It's reliable.

We partner with Tapfiliate for our affiliate program. Tapfiliate is an expert tool to manage link tracking and payments, it's also very user friendly, even for newbees!

Where do I start?

The registration takes only a moment and—did I mention?—it costs nothing to get started. Once you sign up, you will receive a unique link that you can share wherever you like and with whomever you like.

Have you already mentioned LinguaLift to your friends or colleagues? Why not follow up by email, whatsapp, facebook with a link to the site?

Do you have a blog or a site? Consider adding a banner linking to our site or writing a blog post on how you have been learning a language with LinguaLift.

Are you active on Youtube? Go for it and mention us in one of your videos—in fact, one of our most successful affiliates is a Youtuber himself.

I have been chatting to you a lot, and the one thing I surely learned is how inspiring of a bunch you are! I am sure you have a lot of ideas on how to encourage fellow language enthusiasts to try out LinguaLift.

Does the above still sound a bit like black magic to you? Don’t worry!

As an affiliate you will also be added to our exclusive LinguaLift ambassador mailing list. You will receive easy explanations on how to make the most of the affiliate campaign and tips on how you can spread the love of language learning more effectively. So, if you’re new to online marketing, we’ve got you covered!

Share the love of learning!


* or crocodiles, for those of you who did my language survey ;-)