Student success storiesp

Student success stories

Our students are transforming their lives through language learning. They are traveling, communicating, and impacting the world. They are reconnecting with their families. They are getting hired and promoted. They are succeeding.

Kurt became a musical theatre artist in Japan

Experiencing the culture first hand can be a strong call to action, especially if we can clearly see how it could fit our personality and career. Kurt not only loved his time in Japan, but also found an extrinsic motivator related to his profession.

I’m really looking forward to my future learning with LinguaLift and I can’t wait until the day I can have a full conversation in Japanese. Read Kurt's story

Rich fought off his language fear

We all know languages aren't easy, and ones with new writing systems can seem an unsurmountable challenge. The experience Rich had with LinguaLift helped him realise how much motivation he has, and how much he can achieve.

Without the encouragement from LinguaLift to log in each day and learn something new, I might have fallen by the wayside. Read Rich's story

Thomas decided to move to Japan

When life takes a pivot we can resist it or embrace it. When Thomas quit his job he decided to use it as a prompt to start a new adventure. Learning a new language became an integral part of his new life's goals.

Because I have a clear goal to move to Japan, I never really had a moment when I thought ‘I don’t want to do this anymore.’ For me this is simply not an option. Read Thomas' story

Harry found his cosy nest

Any language can be your life's passion, but it's only when you are able to use it in a practical way, as a tool to help others that you feel a true sense of accomplishment. Harry has been learning Russian for years and while he still doesn't feel fluent, he is now able to use his skills to help others on their learning path.

Now I have inspiring colleagues and students, everything is paid for and I’m getting paid to live in a Russian-speaking country. Everything I wanted just came together. Read Harry's story

Eric proved language education at school means nothing

Eric's environment only gave him negative feedback about his learning goals. It activated his stubbornness and let him complete all of Japanese course in weeks. Now he is confident he can move to Japan.

LinguaLift got me from the point where I felt hopeless about the language to the feeling I could master it. Read Eric's story

Mauro added another language to his collection

Even those proficient in learning foreign languages experience struggles. Mauro already spoke four languages, but he still faced challenges when he started learning Japanese. Persevering with the learning effort a proof for him that he can achieve the "impossible".

Accept that you’re going to make mistakes, because that’s a part of the learning process—treat them as as an opportunity to improve. Read Harry's story

Taylor got in to a Japanese language school

Chasing our dreams takes a lot of stamina. Taylor's story shows that with the right tools and perseverance, three weeks of learning can get you through an interview in Japanese.

In any spare time I had, I was staring at the screen and at vocabulary. LinguaLift was very good to help me learn grammar. Read Taylor's story

Rachel appreciated talent for communication

Being bilingual can, paradoxically, make you less sensitive to languages — you take speaking two of them for granted. It's only when starting to learn a new language that Rachel appreciated the joy of discovering a new culture through languages.

I would like to participate in the JET program, a teaching program that allows students to teach English in Japan, or the Peace Corps. Read Rachel's story

Jose fuelled his karate passion

Sports training demands similar structure as learning a language. Jose knows it from experience that without a solid grasp of the basics, you can't grasp more complex moves — be it in karate, or in Japanese grammar.

LinguaLift is way better and a lot of it is down to the fact that the course follows a clear structure. Each lesson prepares you for the next grammatical point. Read Jose's story

Dinko empathised with his students

Being a language teacher should be a foolproof method to learn a new language, yet even teachers struggle with discipline. His experience learning Japanese helped Dinko understand the struggles his students face and give them better advice on how to combat them.

LinguaLift doesn’t use complex language to talk about theory and, from my personal experience, I find that the material in textbooks at school is sometimes really complicated. Read Dinko's story