What we shipped: New dashboard, better daily reminders, onboarding, and more

What we shipped: New dashboard, better daily reminders, onboarding, and more

It's been a very productive month for us at LinguaLift. The home dashboard has been completely redesigned, new users are now greeted with a step-by-step interface to get them started, and study reminder emails now get vocab right to your inbox.

To top things off, we've fixed dozens of bugs, optimized vocab illustrations and remastered all audio recordings.

First-time user experience

LinguaLift onboarding interface We've interviewed hundreds of users and found that although everyone loves LinguaLift once they get to use it for a while, many find it too difficult to get started when they sign up.

Starting to learn a new language is a big challenge, and we'd hate to make it any more difficult, so we sat back and redesigned the entire first-time user experience to make it fun and intuitive.

New dashboard

LinguaLift dashboard Another feedback we got from our focus groups is that many of you found the dashboard confusing, its functionality too limited, and course management unnecessarily complicated.

Two months in the making, the new dashboard is more visual, personalized for each language you're learning (you can add new languages in just two clicks!), and lets you access different tools and lessons in a breeze.

You can navigate to different chapters directly from your home screen, search through the textbook in one click, and the next vocabulary you have scheduled to learn or review is just a glance away.

Improved daily reminder email

LinguaLift study reminder email The daily email reminding you to keep going has been a popular feature since day one, but it always felt too static and repetitive.

The new version, which should have hit your inboxes last week, includes the number of vocabulary items you have to learn & review in the subject.

If you then click through to the body, you'll find a preview of the next word on your schedule, including it's reading, meaning and example sentence!

We have plans on how to utilize the daily reminders even better in the future, so stay tuned!

There's more

  • Many little bugs, especially in the vocab app, have finally been fixed
  • Images and audio should now load faster and more reliably
  • The kanji character 〇 now has a stroke order animation

And that’s it. The next few months are packed with more exciting features to help you learn more efficiently and enjoyably! In the meantime, if you have any feedback or features you would like to see, feel free to email us at [email protected], comment below, or send us a note via the in-app messenger.

Thank you for a wonderful three and a half years. Here’s to many more!