Why do students choose LinguaLift to learn a second language?

Why do students choose LinguaLift to learn a second language?

It’s been two years since the launch of Japanese LinguaLift, and two very exciting years at that!

We’ve released the Russian course, then added the long-anticipated French, and we’re hard at work on several major feature updates as we speak.

Our team of professional language educators are also working around the clock to bring the LinguaLift experience to two new languages later this year.

We asked our users why they chose LinguaLift as the place to learn and here are just some of the answers we’ve received:

What made you choose LinguaLift?

“The most straightforward, well presented, interactive and convenient.” — yogabunny2009

“Good customer service and ability to track learning.” — ben.james.howard

“Well presented and encouraging.” — mreiljan

“It is a complete program to learn another language. Text, workbook and speaking all included!” — bgrant1974

“Amazing user interface, informative walkthroughs and logical introductions. I love how opinionated LinguaLift is!” — annasallright

“Clean design, right approach to self-study.” — onecloze

“Nice layout. Good pedagogy. Convenient.” — timadam9

“Easy and fun to use.” — marie.helen.hansen

“High quality materials, the right approach for me, and the incredibly rapid and attentive personal response to feedback.” — doctorindigo

“It seems so much more reliable and intimate, in a way, than Rosetta Stone or others.” — nakanobroadway

and last but not least...

“It's awesome.” — elmophobe

We’d like to thank everyone who have sent us their comments... And if you haven’t given LinguaLift a try just yet, what are you waiting for? Learn a new language now!