How to use LinguaLift on your phonep

How to use LinguaLift on your phone

Here is a short explanation on how to use LinguaLift on your mobile devices like phones and tablets.

Looks like you are keen to study on the go! Let's start by applauding your determination 👏

While LinguaLift doesn't have an app our platform is perfectly optimised to work on a phone or tablet.

Here is how awesome it looks 👇

It looks brilliant on all phones and browsers, so you can learn, revise and message us wherever you are.

But... 👉 Attention Android users!

You can also pin LinguaLift to your home screen. This way it will not only function, but also look like an app! 😎

Here is how to do it.

First open LinguaLift in the browser on your phone.

Click on the three vertical dots by the search bar. This will open a drop-down menu.

Choose "Add to home screen".

The bright blue owl icon will appear on your home screen. Magic!

Now you can use LinguaLift any time like a boss! 😁

Happy learning!