How to learn French onlinep

How to learn French online

Learning French involves mastering new sounds, wrapping your head around obscure grammar, and understanding a foreign culture.

I’m sure you’d agree with us:

French is a really difficult language.

But is it?

Well, it turns out hundreds of thousands of learners just like you pass the French Proficiency Test (DELF) every year, and they didn’t have to do anything extraordinary to reach their fluency...

...they achieved results through discipline, and insights from those who’ve been through this before. There’s a proven path to success, and you can follow it too.

Below we’ll share some of the exclusive insights you’ll find in the LinguaLift course, and convince you that French is far easier than you’ve been led to believe.

You can learn French (with the right approach)

Here’s the deal:

Get your approach wrong, and learning a language is unreasonably difficult.

Surprisingly, the secret to success is not hard work and regular practice.

There are many people who, after years of learning, go to a French restaurant and struggle to make a simple order. They wonder whether the results really justify their time and effort.

Not to mention, they can’t let their personality shine in French.

It’s terribly frustrating.

Their biggest goal is to communicate and understand real-world French as it’s actually used. But all they’ve got are random words and abstract grammar patterns.

Hard work alone does not lead to success, and we have data to show it. Study data of LinguaLift users who have learned enough French to start a new life in France.

Surprisingly, these learners weren’t the ones who studied non-stop, all day, every day. In fact, one of them only ever studied for 15 minutes every morning.

They didn’t study hard*. *They studied smart.

There’s a huge difference.

If you’re not using the right method, you’re not only wasting precious time, but forming bad habits that will prevent you from ever achieving fluency.

Every hour of study time has the potential to unlock brand new possibilities.

But it’s all to easy to waste that same hour mindlessly clicking on picture flashcards.

It’s all too easy to mistake the illusion of progress for actual improvement, and we’re sad to see some of our competitors take advantage of people new to digital language learning.

LinguaLift students who have followed our clear and sensible approach to learning French have found they can fit studying in even the most busy of schedules.

From company CEOs to Ivy League undergraduates, to single parents of four children—we’ve seen that you can be a successful language learner even if you don’t have much time to commit to studying. You just need to study smart.

You’re probably wondering what our solution is.

The LinguaLift course is divided into a clear, step-by-step curriculum, where each lesson teaches you French words and phrases relevant to real-life situations.

But we don’t stop there.

In addition to teaching you the nuts and bolts of the language, we provide cultural insights and tips from natives so you can not just speak, but act like a local.

We also make use of a memory approach recommended by the Harvard Medical School called spaced repetition.

“one of the most remarkable phenomena to emerge from laboratory research on learning” — WIRED

Our team of friendly study 🤖 robots keeps note of all you learn, and they’ll ping you when you’re about to forget it.

(They don’t cease to amaze us with how well they can predict that moment based on your past performance!)

Our method allows you to go out and start using the language sooner, and makes you remember the material more effectively. 👍

Learning on the go

We gear you up for long-term success

It’s cool to know a few phrases, but it’s so much more impressive to switch between Japanese and English with ease.

This may seem like a distant dream, but there are hundreds of thousands of English speakers who have reached this level. Many of them used LinguaLift as part of their journey.

The way to get there is to not focus on short term wins, but rather allow your brain to think in Japanese. 🤔

To do this, you need to completely adopt a Japanese way of expressing your thoughts and ideas, and a Japanese-like sentence structure as soon as possible.

This doesn’t usually come naturally to English speakers, but the right exercises can kick-start the process.

Unlike our competitors, who teach you Japanese using the English alphabet, with LinguaLift you’ll be using the native Japanese script from the get-go.

This way you’ll read real Japanese sooner, grasp new grammar with ease, and most importantly start thinking like a native Japanese speaker.

Learning French is not easy, but it is possible. We know the path successful learners take, and can’t wait to guide motivated learners like you.

Ready to learn smart? Then try your today.