Busy language learners need clarityp

Busy language learners need clarity

LinguaLift courses provide guidance and clarity to thousands of language learners.

One of them is David, a busy designer from Boston.

David is a hardworking person, and has above-average intelligence. He isn’t successful at all he does, but he knows how to give it his all when something really matters.

David had convinced himself he wouldn’t ever learn Japanese.

He told us his story:

“I'm just not good at learning languages.”

His attempts to learn Spanish at school were a complete disaster. His phone was full of unused apps. Every time he tried a new course he’d burn out.

Busy language learner

Unsure of the best way to learn Japanese, and unable to fit language learning around his packed lifestyle, he gave up.

Then David got in touch with us at LinguaLift.

LinguaLift was created by a top team from Harvard, Stanford, and Oxford. They analysed 147,500 learners to design the ultimate language course for busy people like David.

Within twelve weeks, David had made more progress in Japanese than he had made in three years of unsuccessful self-study.

16 months later, we caught up with him as he was munching on 🍣 sushi in Kobe.

Here’s how he did it:

Learning pronunciation

1 David sought the opinion of experts

You get unlimited access to a team of hand-picked, experienced study coaches. They'll work with you to create an achievable plan, and support you throughout the course.

2 David found a routine, and stuck to it

We make habit building easy by breaking up the course into tiny steps. We'll also process your study data to make sure you’re getting the most out of your time.

3 David wanted long-term results

We worked with successful fluent speakers and top cultural consultants to teach the language as it’s actually used. If you take our course, you won't just communicate. You'll impress in a foreign language.

4 David had a tight, but workable schedule

With LinguaLift, you always know what to do next, and how it’s relevant to your goals. Whether it’s five minutes in queue, or twenty minutes on the train, you’ll learn with a clear objective every time.

5 David is human, and a witty one at that

We’re shocked that there are people who want you to learn languages from boring textbooks and faceless computer 🤖 bots. At LinguaLift, you learn with charm, humour and British spelling.

And here’s the kicker:

David paid just $29/month for our service.

We're not for everyone. To discover whether LinguaLift resonates with you as well as it did with David, , or learn more about our method and syllabus.