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Join thousands of busy learners mastering foreign language with LinguaLift. You receive our book, Language Learning Secrets, a customized study plan, dedicated tutor support, and an interactive language app. All in one awesome program!

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Here’s why LinguaLift
is so effective

With your subscription, you have access to all current  and future languages on our platform. We currently offer Japanese, Russian and Hebrew. With Spanish, French and Mandarin being released soon.

LinguaLift immerses you into the language without overwhelming you. The concepts, grammar and pronunciation are dismantled with hyper clarity and served in a gamified way that’s straightforward, simplified and fun!

With your subscription you get

For the price you would pay for 4 lessons with a local tutor, you can get all this for one year!
No contract or commitment. Cancel at any time.

Gives you access to all current and future languages on our platform.

Are you tired of language apps and study programs that don’t work?
So are we, that’s why we do things differently!


Our team of dedicated language tutors are here to answer questions, offer guidance, and can even assign homework.

They guide you every step of the way on your journey to fluency.

What this means for you is fast results without feeling frustrated or lost. Whenever there is something you need help with, a grammar concept that seems difficult, a cultural norm you don’t quite understand, or even just needing a little encouragement, reach out to your tutor.

The LinguaLift team is made up of career teachers who are invested in your success, and we are here to help!


We first send you a questionnaire to get a clear picture of your study habits, goals, schedule, and your motivation for learning a new language.

Our tutors delve deep into this data and put together a personalized study guide, a “Road Map to Fluency” that will dismantle sticking points, help you create an effective study routine, and greatly reduce the time required to instill fluency.


With your subscription, you receive a free copy of our book “Language Learning Secrets”.

This 124 page ebook gives you the mindsets, habit building techniques, and focus hacks needed to help you study, learn, and achieve fluency even faster.

Ready to complete your first lesson?

Our Progressive Web App

Our goal is to provide content to users anywhere in the world.
To develop an app that is compatible with all devices. This is why we created a progressive web app.

  • Has the full functionality of a native app on your device
  • Is compatible with all types of devices
  • Doesn’t need to be downloaded or updated by the user
  • Doesn’t take up storage on your device

We are consistently updating our software to improve our students experience.
The newest version is always what loads when you access the app. This allows us to update our software quickly and efficiently.

To add the app to your device, simply go to LinguaLift’s sign in page and on your device, click add to homescreen.

Learn Real Life Communication Skills

You’ll learn to speak, write and read the language through interactive lessons that utilize the latest learning technology and adapts to your personal needs.

Study Anytime, Anywhere

On your phone, tablet or computer. Lessons sync between multiple devices.

Speak Clearly And With Confidence

Our interactive lessons use audio from native speakers to teach you the correct pronunciation, and uses the shadowing technique to give you the ability and confidence to start speaking the language from day one.

Remember What You Learn

Using spaced repetition, our algorithm tracks your progress and predicts the best time to review words and concepts from previous lessons to ensure you retain what you learn.

Fit It Into Your Daily Routine

Bite-sized 10-15 minute sessions, allows you to study on your daily commute, your lunch hour, or just before bed. You can learn a new language by studying just 10-15 minutes a day!

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Here’s how we compare
to other Language Programs

Lingualift Babbel Rossetta Stone Duolingo
Dedicated tutors guiding you on your language journey
Road map to fluency (Customized study plan)
Language Learning Secret book
Study multiple languages with just one subscription
30 day money back guarantee N/A
Clearly explained grammar tips
First lesson is free N/A
10-15 minutes bit sizes lessons
Courses designed by language experts
Learn real life conversations

Free Language Guide

Receive an introduction to your target language with tips and tricks to get you started on your journey

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Receive study tips, resources, weekly challenges, helpful articles and inspiring success stories. Many students use our weekly newsletter as an essential part of their study routine.

The Most Generous Guarantee In The Industry

Our students find LinguaLift the easiest, fastest way to acquire a new language out there. So if you’re not impressing yourself with how quickly and effortlessly you’re achieving fluency, just let us know within 30 days and we’ll return every penny, no questions asked.

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$29.00/ Month
$29.00 charged every month

$17.00/ Month
$204.00 charged every 12 months


With LinguaLift, you become a part of our family, a LinguaLite. On your own journey, but supported and guided by our team of language experts and tutors. Come and join your fellow LinguaLites on an amazing journey that will last a lifetime.

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