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Japanese Tutor

Miho Araki

Japanese Tutor

Hi! My name’s Miho, and I’m from Japan. I have a degree in Linguistics from Hokusei Gakuen University. I’ve been involved in the language education field for eight years, teaching Japanese and English. I love to travel and enjoy experiencing new cultures (and new food!). I’ve travelled over 50 countries, where I’ve had the opportunity to experience amazing cultures and to test my skills with many languages. Some more successful than others. (But all of them fun!) I have a passion for teaching, and LinguaLift is a great way for me to share my passion and knowledge. Remember, I’m always here to help. Can’t wait to hear from youI

Russian jTutor

Stanislav Semerikov

Russian Tutor

Privyet! Come and join the wonderful world of language learning! I helped author our Russian course and will be your guide for all things Russian. I've always been interested in the study of languages, which is why I studied Linguistics in University. I enjoy helping people learn languages, and especially helping them to discover the most efficient way for each person to learn. We all learn differently and at our own pace, but there are universal strategies and formulas that are proven to work. They just need to be customized for your individual needs. I'll guide you through this process and be here for anything you need.

Hebrew Teacher

Alisa Zingerman

Hebrew Tutor

Shalom! Through my many years of teaching Hebrew, I’ve came up with clear and concise explanations that, I hope, help my students learn faster and never lose the feeling that learning a language is fun. I am happy to have the chance to be here for you with the LinguaLift team and to help you with your Hebrew by sharing my knowledge and answering your questions! Enjoy your course here, keep up your learning, remember - language is all about practice, day after day, like going to the gym! Looking forward to helping you on this Hebrew-learning journey,

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