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Introducing LinguaLift’s HILL system
(Hybrid Innovative Language Learning)

Here’s what a truly comprehensive language learning system looks like


What makes the HILL system different?


We looked at:

  •  over 100 language learning programs
  • spoke with industry experts,
  • world famous polyglots,
  • hundreds of language teachers,
  • and thousands of language students

    to find the best methods to learn a language.

But we still couldn’t find a system that incorporated everything needed to truly become fluent. 

So we created our own.

A truly effective language learning system should:

Show how to best study a language

We cover this in our book “Language Learning Secrets.” This is so essential for all language learners, we offer it free for anyone who visits our site.

Create a solid study plan that sets you on the right path

We create a “Road Map to Fluency” for every student. This is a customized study plan based on your schedule, wants, needs, and reason for studying the language.

Offer tutor support

We provide access to tutors through our in-app messaging service. If you ever get stuck, need clarification, or want to get some homework checked, just fire off an email right in the app.

Give you homework

Our “Over to you” section in our app is designed to get you to use the language in ways that are relatable to you. These are simple homework exercises that you can send into your tutor to have corrected.

Teach listening and speaking

Our interactive lessons use audio from native speakers to teach you the correct pronunciation, and uses the shadowing technique to give you the ability and confidence to start speaking the language from day one.

Teach language AND culture

Without understanding a country’s culture, it’s pretty near impossible to become fluent in their language. Our lessons include interesting tidbits on local customs and beliefs that will help guide you through any social situation.

Provide clear grammar explanations

Our app is not just a bunch of pictures and words. Grammar may not be exciting, but understanding the main grammar points of a language is a necessary step towards fluency.

Teach vocab and phrases

All language systems teach vocab, but most lack the technology to include a spaced repetition system. Using this system, our algorithm tracks your progress and predicts the best time to review words and concepts from previous lessons to ensure you retain what you learn.

Provide a great app

Our award winning app combines these concepts and resources into one remarkable language learning system.

Ready to complete your first lesson?

Full Disclosure:

Our system is designed for serious language learners. We don’t want to waste anyone’s time or money. So if you are just interested in playing around with the language (which is great!), Duolingo may be a better option for you.

But If you are someone who truly wants to learn a second language, then give our system a try. You won’t be disappointed!

Here’s how we compare
to other Language Programs

Lingualift Babbel Rossetta Stone Duolingo
Dedicated tutors guiding you on your language journey
Road map to fluency (Customized study plan)
Language Learning Secret book
Study multiple languages with just one subscription
30 day money back guarantee N/A
Clearly explained grammar tips
First lesson is free N/A
10-15 minutes bit sizes lessons
Courses designed by language experts
Learn real life conversations

Free Language Guide

Receive an introduction to your target language with tips and tricks to get you started on your journey

Get Weekly Language Tips That Work!

Receive study tips, resources, weekly challenges, helpful articles and inspiring success stories. Many students use our weekly newsletter as an essential part of their study routine.

The Most Generous Guarantee In The Industry

Our students find LinguaLift the easiest, fastest way to acquire a new language out there. So if you’re not impressing yourself with how quickly and effortlessly you’re achieving fluency, just let us know within 30 days and we’ll return every penny, no questions asked.

Try a free lesson with LinguaLift today


$12.99/ Month
$155.88 charged every 12 months

$14.99/ Month
$89.94 charged every 6 months

$16.99/ Month
$50.97 charged every 3 months

$19.99/ Month
$19.99 charged every month


With LinguaLift, you become a part of our family, a LinguaLite. On your own journey, but supported and guided by our team of language experts and tutors. Come and join your fellow LinguaLites on an amazing journey that will last a lifetime.

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