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Active recall & key principles of learning

“Active recall” is the active use of memory during the learning process. It requires focused attention on recalling and using information to improve your language skill. 

This can be contrasted with passive review, where you allow content to come to you in a passive way, without actively straining to decode meaning or recall a concept. For example, relaxing and watching a TV show or reading over your study notes.

While passive activities such as simply watching a show are generally much more enjoyable and easier to do in large amounts, active recall is more efficient in terms of progress per hour spent. 

As much as possible your learning should require active use of your memory to recall concepts and words you have already been exposed to.

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Here are the four key principles that underpin your learning:

1. Use the language in order to learn it

2. Work towards your goals

3. Time with the language is the key to how fast you will learn

4. Keep up your motivation

Use a beginner course to structure your learning. Make sure you follow others’ recommendations but prioritise what you enjoy using. Choose a course that works for you and progress with it in a way that you enjoy. 

Do not rely on your course to make you learn. You will learn once you use the new words and forms you encounter in your course by drilling and seeing them in your input.

Use flashcards to drill grammar and vocabulary. Words are the biggest barrier to comprehension, so focus on them if you want to understand more. Using sentences is ideal. Learn to make your own flashcards and add in words you encounter in your course and input.

Listen and read as much as you can, using content that is interesting and comprehensible. YouTube, Google, and language-specific communities are your best shot at finding good content.

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