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7 Best YouTube channels to learn Hebrew

Youtube is a great resource for language learning — primary tool to practice shadowing, and supplement classes on LinguaLift. But, with a myriad videos uploaded daily it may be hard to chose the most valuable channels for your language adventure.

To save you time and effort we thought we’d compile a list to of suggestions for the best Youtube channels for learning and practicing your Hebrew.

1. Learn Arabic with Maha

As the name suggest the channel started as a video course in Arabic; it’s one of the most popular Arabic courses on YouTube, with has also launched a Hebrew playlist. Although it only has 18 videos it’s a pleasure to watch — short videos offer bite-sized classes with words and explanations appearing on the screen. Maha is an excellent teacher, so we can excuse her for not ideal videos quality 😉

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2. הישראליות

Ok, I know, this is not a YT channel, but a Facebook group with regular videos. Also, not all of them are in Hebrew and it’s not devoted to slow paced learning. But, seriously, no list can do without mentioning this hit series of super-enthusiastic Israeli girls talking about all things pop, fun, TV & internet. Subtitled in Hebrew, with English intertwined — even if you don’t understand everything in the first instance — laughter is guaranteed. And, you can practice your emphatic slang pronunciation! 😂

3. Hebrew Pod 101

A comprehensive commercial Hebrew channel with several engaging teachers and a few different playlists, including Hebrew in 3 minutes, Israeli holidays, and a few channels with reading practice.

4. Travel Linguist

Twenty videos with collections of basic Hebrew phrases. Might be a bit dull to watch, but it’s a good collection with male and female voices. Not every phrase is pronounced by both genders, so make sure you know the difference. English transliteration is shown on the screen, so if you’re not yet up to speed with reading you can still follow the words.

5. eTeacher Hebrew

This teaching series goes through very basics: alphabet, and vocabulary groups like numbers, colours or family. In addition it as good series “word of the day” with 20 second videos each focused on one word.
If you’re interested in Jewish mysticism or religion, there are also recordings of webinars often focused on more religious topics like Kabbalah or the concept of Pardes.

6. Linguistix

Although the channel is not focused on teaching Hebrew, it’s great to help you with pronunciation. Ruben is an accent coach working with 4 languages including Hebrew. If you’re looking to work on your *resh’s* and *khet’s* — he is the guy!

7. Hebrew for Youth

A little old school series about two young girls in Israel. Short, less than 10-minute, episodes, with funny sample dialogues introducing a range of Israeli “archetypes”. A series for more intermediate and advanced learners.

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