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Getting better at writing

The ability to write clearly is required for entrance to university and for many workplace situations. 

Some learners may not feel it is necessary for them to work on their writing if they only want to learn to speak in the new language.

However, we recommend that everyone make the effort to write regularly, even if only a little at a time.

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Writing is an excellent way to train yourself in the proper use of the language. You have the time to express yourself carefully when you write, whereas in conversation you are under greater pressure and need to be more spontaneous.

When you write, take the time to try to write correctly. Make a plan of what you are going to write. If you do not organize your thoughts ahead of time you may not make sense writing in a foreign language.

Non-native speakers often just dash off emails and other texts without even using a spell-checker. 

Anyone working as a professional in an international company has to write correctly and understandably, otherwise it’s the very image of the company that is damaged. If you are unable to do this for yourself, use the services of a text correcting service.

If you have trouble with verb tenses, think through the time when each action is taking place. 

Use the phrases you have mastered when you write, instead of simply translating from your native language.

Many of the most common problems relating to word order, choice of words, prepositions, verb tenses and verb agreement can be eliminated by building your written language around the phrases you have learned.

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