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Developing the right habits

We are creatures of habit. 

One of the keys to maintaining our routine is habit. Build a habit of studying at a regular time each day. 

The best time is usually first thing in the morning, while you are still fresh and probably don’t have anything else scheduled. 

With a good habit, your automatic process should be to begin studying without you having to think about it. 

If you have to ask yourself “should I study or should I do something else?”, It takes mental effort to force yourself to study that will wear you down over time. 

Instead, your default should be that time is dedicated to study. If you want to use that time for something else, you need to find a valid and specific reason.

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It helps a lot if your interaction with the language is consistent. Try not to take long breaks from learning. Do at least a little bit every day.

Too tired? Just do five minutes. Those five minutes now keep you in the habit of doing something every day and keep the language active in your mind.

Another key to maintaining your habit and routine is discipline. 

Discipline is not an inherent trait, but a set of habits and mental tools that help one start projects and stay on-task. Not every day will you find it easy to keep your habit. 

If this is you, you may need to find ways to force yourself to at least begin studying. 

Try promising yourself to simply start with the intention of only doing five minutes. 

Usually you will find it easier to continue once you have already started.

There also exist numerous apps and tools that can help you achieve your goal of building a good study habit, making the process easier. 

Here are a few of our personal recommendations:

• Fabulous Daily Routine Planner:

• Way of Life:

• Habitica:

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