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Getting The Most Out Of Your Learning: How Important Is Grammar?

The best way to learn is to not go through grammar rules or grammar tests. 

Grammar is an abstraction, a theoretical explanation of the function of words. Grammar represents a standard of good practice and can be a useful reference, one which many learners like to rely on. 

There are many good grammar books around, and finding the right one usually isn’t the biggest challenge. However, trying to memorize the rules of grammar can be a distraction from learning the language.

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Grammatical explanations often introduce an artificial level of theory, with new technical terms that can be more confusing than helpful. Especially in the early stages, you should not let a concern about grammatical accuracy prevent you from communicating in the new language.

It is important to learn correct language, but this can only be achieved after intense exposure to language input. 

Rather than writing grammar tests, you are better to write freely and have your writing corrected.

Focus your efforts on phrases as the essential building blocks of language. This will improve your structure and style. 

You will have an easier time understanding the spoken language and you will sound more like a native speaker if you have trained yourself in phrases. 

This emphasis on phrases starts with the first “how are you?” and continues right up to the most advanced stage.

Bottom line is, don’t wait until you’ve mastered all the grammar rules to start speaking. Use the language as much as you can, even if you make mistakes.

This will help you become more comfortable with the language and will accelerate your learning. 

Engage in conversation with native speakers locally or use language exchange platforms to practice speaking.

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