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Natural learning

Speaking a new language is natural. You need only cultivate the latent capabilities that you already possess, but which need to be properly stimulated. 

The way of the better language learner is one that leaves you free to pursue your own needs and interests, rather than having to learn according to an externally imposed program.

You develop skills that you have within you. You integrate with the target language, listening and imitating rather than learning from theory.

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Children learn languages using these natural methods. They just want to communicate. They cannot read grammars, they do not do drills, they do not prepare for tests. They just naturally want to learn. 

At birth, children of all nationalities have the same innate ability to learn a new language. It is true that children normally learn their mother tongue, but they possess a universal language instinct that will enable them to learn any language.


Children are exposed to a limited range of content which matters to them: the language of their parents and their friends at play. 

They concentrate on the words and phrases that are important to them and find opportunities to use them. They are not concerned about making mistakes in pronunciation or grammar. Children absorb the language without resistance.

Unlike the classroom language learner, they are not constantly corrected but are encouraged in their efforts to speak.

Children learn naturally, but adults can learn faster than children. Very successful language learners are able to read the newspaper and have serious discussions within six months. 

It takes a child longer to reach that level of vocabulary. Adults can use their greater knowledge and broader interests to direct their learning, and can progress quickly.

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