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Mastering language components: vocabulary and expressions

It’s important to understand that by choosing your own vocabulary items rather than being spoon-fed, you will remember them better, making your learning process more efficient.

For this to work you must take advantage of the benefits of all the online learning apps. 

Nowadays, the language learning experience has improved a lot through the efforts of people creating content that can suit learning styles of almost everyone in the world.

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You can also enter new words and phrases into your own personal databases or sheets, where they can be managed in many useful ways to enhance learning. You can create customized lists of these words and phrases, based on subject matter, function in the sentence, or root words. 

Such customized lists drawn from your listening and reading are far more useful than randomly translating some unknown words here and there, which is one of the most common ways language learners around the world engage with new vocabulary these days.

As well as acquiring new words, you also have to learn to identify new phrases that can help you to speak like a native. These phrases can be any group of two or more words that you feel will be useful for you to express yourself. 

Because you choose these phrases, they will be more meaningful to you than phrases that are provided out of context. 

By following this process you will make these phrases a part of your daily language. 

As you become accustomed to using them, you not only acquire strings of new words, you also naturally acquire correct grammar.

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