Global Education Project

Making a Difference

Here at LinguaLift, we are a family of teachers and life-long learners.  Most of our team members have been lucky enough to travel the world and experience the freedom and opportunities a good education can provide. This has also brought us face to face with the struggles children have in developing countries, just to get an education.

We feel so strongly about this, we’ve decided to focus much of our efforts on improving access to education around the world in any way we can. That is why a portion of all sales goes directly to our Global Education Project.

Here are just some of the ways education can truly change the world.

According to UNESCO, 170 million people would be lifted out of poverty if all children in developing countries were taught just basic reading skills.

After completing primary education a young girl can reduce the probability of becoming a mother at an early age by 7.3%,  just by completing one extra year of education.

If all mothers in developing countries received a primary education, 1.7 million children would be saved from malnutrition. A secondary education would increase this number to 12.2 million.

Just one extra year of study can increase a person’s income by 10% and raise a developing country’s GDP by 0.37%.

We are currently working on projects in developing countries that will give students and schools free access to our software, to not only study languages, but for teachers and administrators to create other educational programs using our platform. We hope to have some great stories to share on our progress in the upcoming year.

But a more direct method we are using to make an immediate difference is to donate a portion of our sales to the World Education Fund. Their mission is to provide a platform that enables users to have an impact on the lives of worthy but needy students in the developing world by helping them to further their education.

We aren’t affiliated with this organization other than being a regular contributor. But we feel the World Education Fund shares our vision to help educate the developing world. They do excellent work, and are truly making a difference.

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