How to learn japanese online

Learning Japanese involves mastering four writing systems and thousands of characters, wrapping your head around obscure grammar, and navigating the tricky waters of hierarchy.

I’m sure you’d agree with us:

Japanese is a really difficult language.

But is it?

Well, it turns out hundreds of thousands of learners just like you pass the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) every year, and they didn’t have to do anything extraordinary to reach their fluency…

…they achieved results through discipline, and insights from those who’ve been through this before. There’s a proven path to success, and you can follow it too.

In our guide, we’ll share some of the exclusive insights you’ll find in the LinguaLift course, and convince you that learning Japanese online is far easier than you’ve been led to believe.

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The guide is a great introduction to the language. Should've had a guide like this for my high school Spanish!


Texas, USA

There's quite a bit of info here. Vocab, grammar, pronunciation, and some cool cultural insights. Thanks for this!


Gothenburg, Sweden

I know it's an introductory guide, but it really helped me refocus, get interested, and get studying again.  


Cardiff, Wales